Thursday, November 17, 2005

Attending FOSS.IN/2005

I wanted to attend Linux Bangalore conference last year but couldn't. Well the conference has now been rechristened FOSS.IN and will cover all FOSS topics which is pretty exciting. Fortunately this year it seems I will be able to attend the conference and I am all excited about it. I will keep posting pictures to my moblog from there so if you wanna watch all the fun from the comfort of your $comfortable_place you know where to go.

Not only would I be able to attend some of the talks from this interesting list and learn about some stuff, this would hopefully also be an opportunity for me to meetup with some of the geeks in Bangalore whose blogs I have been reading regularly.

If you wanna meet up with me during the conference, just look for the guy with a halo on his head (no I am not bald) ;)

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