Monday, December 13, 2004


A dark room.
Me sitting in front my computer.
Music in my ears.
And laserpod projecting.

Your feedback at my second attempt at a haiku would be appreciated :-)
(the first attempt is here!)


Alpha0 said...

Nice one.
Isnt it supposed to have some rhyme?


Anonymous said...

hmm...not that geeky i guess..but where's the laserpod???

Sid said...

One of the essential ingredients for haiku is rhythm, but not rhyme. From here. Interesting stuff!

Sid said...

I have the Laserpod hidden! I only use it at my desk, when everyone has left the office! :-)

Anonymous said...

Imagining myself playing a game like this does give me chills! We're a geek maan!

Abhimanyu said...

But I think it needs to be slightly longer!!