Thursday, December 09, 2004

Haiku Error Messages

Was reading about Getopt::Declare by Damian Conway, when discovered his module. So, here goes: is a Perl module,
Aimed at bringing tranquility,
To your debugging.

Processes your error messages,
Maps them to haiku poetry,

Hooks onto a couple of signals,
__DIE__ and __WARNING__,
Sends your error message
To the haiku generator.

The haiku generator
Generates relevant haiku poetry
Then passes the poetry,
To die or warn,
As the case maybe.

Argh! I should better leave writing Haiku poetry to scripts! :-)


Abhimanyu said...

Haiku poetry is best when the original is translated from Japanese i guess. Good attempt!!...

Sid said...

Nice attempt?! LOL :-) I think the programs do a much better job! Just wanted to give it a shot though :-) Perhaps I can improve my haiku writing skills with practice and then write a better Haiku generator myself. Interesting stuff!