Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Randomness and God

The random bitmaps are generated using atmospheric noise which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random numbers typically generated by computer programs. Check this out!

The site also has a random coin flipper. Here's an essay on random number generation.

Leads me to think...

Is anything truly random for God, the great Cosmic Being Who ensouls this planet, embodying all the Laws and all the energies governed by those Laws, which make up everything that we see and cannot see?

When you flip a coin, he can take into account the gravity, the viscosity of air, the force with which you flipped the coin, the point on the coin where you applied the force, and all the other factors the affect the outcome of the flipping of a coin. He can then always correctly tell you the outcome of your coin flipping. Similary, whatever be the random event you choose, it will not be random for Him.

Some events we felt were random yesterday, may not be considered random anymore, because today we may be able to model and understand them using computers that are much faster than those yesterday, thanks to Moore's Law. We may thus be able to always correctly predict the outcome of some of the events that we considered random in the past. Today we consider some events as random, but similary, someone may be able to model them and always correctly predict their outcome tomorrow, using faster computers available that day in the future.

A friend of mine says, random is something you can't predict, while randomness is the measure of difficulty in predicting the number. Going by his definition, everything that is random has an infinite difficulty. And anything that has a finite value of difficuly associated with it, isn't random because there's a finite probability that you can correctly predict it.

Thus, what was random yesterday, may not be random today or in the future!

Hence, I have the following question:

Q: Is there an event in this world which is truly random? So random that even God can't predict its outcome for sure?


rajaram said...

something thats happening with his own life...

Sid said...

What is happening in a person's life is all written! Or it's the Karma that governs the happenings. Karma Yoga: literally, "action;" in Hinduism, the moral law of cause and effect, in that one's actions in this life, no matter how trivial or momentous, will have a positive or negative effect upon the disposition of one's next life.

Either case, it is deterministic!

Anonymous said...

Nice discussion here:

Anonymous said...

Jagadeesh ::: Thank God man, I am an Atheist.

Anonymous said...

Jagadeesh ::: Hey sid, ur post was awesome to read. Randomness and God, they cannot be accomadated together.
For God there is no Randomness and for Randomness there is no God.
Wat i thought was it all depends on how u define God. Atleast to me there's no God, (absolve me Lord for this)because i never talked to him or atleast seen him or heard from him. But i strongly believe there shud be some alien power that carries this world so systematically, otherwise this kinda evolution wudn't hav been possible.
Sorry, i am goin out of it. I will conclude this, with my answer to ur question, which in itself may pose some other.

Ans ::: There r many things that are random(with "WHO IS GOD?").

And if u define GOD as the one who decides that(karma) u are gonna buy a 10.21"x14.32" yellow coloured hand kerchief with pink spots at exactly 112 places, while goin to office and suddenly got wet in rain at the stroke of 9:32:33 AM on 14th july 2024.
Then i wud say theres no Random thing atleast for him.

Sid said...

Obviously, this is an impossible word to define. After all, to "define" a thing means putting boundaries around it, and God is Infinity, the very absence of boundaries. Further, being Infinite, God is by definition (!) beyond the capacity of our egoic minds ("I am me, and you aren't") to understand. That is, despite our protestations to the contrary, most of us perceive God as being "out there" (or "up there", even "in here"), as somewhere or something other than ourselves. And that's the problem! In Truth, there is no such thing as a "God out there". Once again, being Infinite, God is everywhere and no where, everything and no thing. God is our very Self which itself is The Very Self. Thus, at TZF we often say: There is no God but God, and God is All There Is. See also God's Gender, Christ, Realization, Teacher. From http://www.zoofence.com/define4.htmlBut that's the subject of a separate discussion.

What I'm saying is that, no event in this world is actually random because for every event that appears random, there is a complex set of actions that govern its output. If someone could understand those factors and their interactions, he could predict the output of the event, be it flipping of a coin, tossing a die, or any other event that we think is random. He would then be able to predict the output of that event, correctly, always! (God)

My questions is, is there any event in this world which is truly random?

Is perceiving such an event, out of the capabilities of the human brain?

bheema v said...

Sorry, I took so long. Pretty much getting Brain Fatigue.

Read Up on "Lorenz Attractor", "Butterfly Effect", "God doesn't Play Dice," "Strange Attractor", "Chaos Theory". Google or Wikipedia should get you started.

bheema v said...

Essentially what I meant was that yes, these things have been discussed in some detail before. And Yes, there are things that are totally random and orderly. And God plays dice and doesn't know everything.