Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A Perl Command-Line Internet Meta-Search Tool

search.pl - A command-line meta search engine

Allows you to search the web from the command-line.

search.pl [search-engine-alias] search-string Starts a search on the specified engine
search.pl -engines Displays a list of supported search engines
search.pl -help Displays help message

To search for pictures of christmas trees type:

search.pl pictures christmas trees

The Search Tool fires up a google image search to search for pictures of christmas trees.


The tool is quite useful as you can quickly search for dictionary meanings of words, and meanings of finance terms, and a lot more just from the command-line. Written by me in Perl, the tool is portable (hopefully) across Win32 and other O/S. Please mail me to request the tool.

You can now download the tool here.

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