Monday, March 13, 2006

My first car

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000 GS


Tanveer said...

Wow. Congrats a million times over. That looks like a cool car with killer looks. Just, PLEASE, don't fiddle with its onboard computer ;-)

abhas1 said...

holy moly!!
*put any other such expression here*

ooh mama! Congrats dude!

Sid said...

@tanveer: Thanks! Hey, I'm not that bad with computers, am I? :)

@abhas1: Thanks buddy!

I looked at a lot of cars, but this one looked and drove much better than all the others.

Anonymous said...

nice car

Neel said...

your car is lookin kool dude !!

so did you c how does it behave @100mph ;)

Sid said...

Thanks! I haven't done more than 60 miles per hour yet and it has been excellent so far.