Monday, February 20, 2006

SMS based payments

TextPayMe is a website that allows you to use your mobile phone to pay other people by sending text messages. I think that’s very cool and I remember discussing the exact same thing with Alpha0 back in November last year. Sadly we never got past doing anything more than merely talking about it but then there was lots of stuff happening at that time and there was hardly any time.


Alpha0 said...

Thats our idea!!
It is not fair!!
There must be someone to protect the ideas.

Sid said...

How about implementing something like this in India?

Tanveer said...

And you thought mobiles are just for making and receiving phone calls. In the not-so-distant-future, mobiles will be used for almost anything- calls, messages, photos, videos, watching virtual reality movies (with a special head-gear), eating apples (a built-in swiss knife?), payments (rfid enabled phones?) etc. The list can go on and on.