Monday, February 20, 2006

Catching up on Channel9 Videos

Monday being President’s Day, it was a three-day weekend here. So I thought of catching up on some videos at Channel9 which is something I wanted to do from Hyderabad but couldn’t because my Reliance internet connection at home couldn’t handle it. Here are the best three videos from the ones I saw:

  1. Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg

    Anders, as you probably know, is the chief designer of the C# programming language. I think the video is worth watching and inspiring. The show is mostly non-geeky but fun to watch. Anders even draws his favorite data-structure at the end of the show and autographs the sheet.

  2. Jeffrey Richter – Working with Microsoft technologies

    Nice video with lots of information. He touches upon anonymous method support in C# 2.0; when it’s useful when its not. Array classes have a ForEach method which can take an anonymous method as an argument. By far the most informative video.

  3. Anders Hejlsberd – LINQ

    Anders shows what LINQ is and what it can do. Breathtaking!

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