Friday, January 13, 2006


So I finally reached Seattle on the 9'th after flying for around 18 hours I guess. I flew from Hyderabad to Amsterdam on KLM airlines and from Amsterdam to Seattle on NorthWest airlines. In both these airlines I had an Economy/Coach seat, and had specified Asian Veg for the food.

KLM served me a veg-roll which tasted pretty ok but the journey was mostly boring. Their inflight entertainment system had common monitors where they showed stuff like Mr. Bean and later on the Bollywood movie – Parineeta.

On the other hand, NorthWest airlines served me something that smelled nothing like anything I had ever had before in my life and I am fortunate to not have died (so far) after eating it. However the journey in NorthWest was more comfortable because they had an inflight entertainment system wherein each passenger had a separate display so I watched three movies back to back until I dozed off.

I reported to work on the next day. I am jet-lagged but I am trying to fight it by working. It is embarrassing sometimes when I fall asleep while someone is explaining me something at work. Fortunately people understand my jetlag problem, or so I hope :)

People I've met at work are all very friendly. It has been raining here since the past 20-25 days and people expect the rain to break some past records. Obviously the weather is cold but it doesn't affect much because the insides of houses are warm and commuting is mostly in cars.

The summer is supposed to be the best time of the year and most people have convertible cars. The traffic is not crazy like in India with blaring horns of vehicles, and everyone over-taking each other at the slightest opportunity. I need to buy a car soon, and so far the Hummer is my favorite. It’s like a huge beast on the road!

I am working at a small-sized software company. There's loads of interesting work waiting for me so I guess I am going to be pretty busy for the next 5-6 months at least.

I am currently looking for an apartment so if you happen to know anyone in Bellevue area looking for a room-mate, do let me know.

Considering my work and everything else put together, I guess I am going to love being here!

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Neel said...

Good going :).. when are you buying a hummer? have you thought of any other alternative just in case ;)

Sid said...

Of course, Hummer doesn't have to be my first car. I'll probabaly start with a Japanese car.

abhas1 said...

heeeyyy! sid, you're back to blogging!
nice work!
and do make that hummer idea work, it sounds awesome!

once again, it's nice to see you're back! although that's a paradox of a statement, because you're actually gone, but you're back!!


Sid said...

Hey Abhas! Yeah, I like the hummer. I am planning to buy a digicam soon and once I do that you can expect to post more often with pictures from Seattle. I have Canon Powershot SD 500 in mind but do let me know if you'd like to recommend another one (I'm looking for a camera that's easy to operate and takes great pictures in all lighting conditions).

Abhimanyu said...

Hey, nice to know you are enjoying Seattle and work. You didn't call when you were in Hyd?!...would have come to the airport dude! Anywway, have fun and keep blogging!

Sid said...

Hey Abhi! Thanks dude but they weren't allowing any visiters in or anyone to leave the airport after being issued a boarding pass.

That reminds me of how surprised I was to find out that before 9/11 visitors were allowed to go upto the exit door of the aircraft in American airports (or atleast in the Seattle Tacoma airport). In India that's never been the case for as long as I have known it.

abhas1 said...

Well that's great Sid, we can see more of Seattle this way! :)
BTW, I have a powerShot myself! It's a technically smaller version though - an S200.

I can't think of a specific model, but I think 2-3mPixels should do the job good enough, if not great...
do try and buy at Circuit City!! :P

Laks said...

Sid ! Nice to know that you are all safe and sound in the land of yo yo... Hummer eh?? go for it dood... have a great time there...

Cheers !

Sid said...

Hey Laks! Hmmm if all goes as planned I should have a hummer latest by May/June this year.

Tanveer said...

Look who is the new "wannabe" gas guzzling American kid on the block.
Sid, go buy an electric car and do your planet a favour.
Hmmm...or what the heck. Get that hummer, dude. If you don't buy it, someone else will.

Sid said...

@Tanveer: Hmmm... I should see what electric/hybrid cars are available

Sid said...

@Tanveer: With all due respect to the "gas guzzling American kids", I like the Hummer for what *it is*.