Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Recent enhancements to Tagyu REST API

Tagyu is a service that suggests relevant tags for content. Given a URL or some text, it gives you some suggestions for tags based on how other people have tagged similar things. They have a REST API available and I had written a simple Perl wrapper over it some time ago. That Perl package would hopefully save some developers from writing the necessary plumbing code required to utilize Tagyu in their Perl code.

Well the REST API of Tagyu has been extended recently so I need to make code changes in my Tagyu::Search Perl module to allow the Perl code using that module to take full advantage of Tagyu's REST API. So here is a list of TODOs for me:

  • Support passing of data to the Tagyu Web Service through HTTP POST.
  • Tagyu Web Service can either be passed plain text or a URL. If plain text is passed by the user, it should reach Tagyu in a URL encoded manner.
  • Incorporate support for authentication in the Perl module.

I look forward to working on these tasks because I would get to know HTTP somewhat better than before.

More information about about Tagyu.com's REST API can be found here.

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