Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Cartoon - Noisy Coworkers

OK, I have put up a new cartoon over at and this time it is about noisy coworkers. I hope that gives them a clue as to how it is in their own best interest that they be quieter. As usual the cartoon isn’t meant to resemble anyone in real life.

One of the things that I find happening quite often is that people get a bolt from the blue when they realize that I draw these cartoons on my own using a mouse -- no drawing on a paper, scanning and coloring-on-computer business.

Well that was only true so far and is about to change because my good friends: Alpha0, Laks and Abhi gifted me an iPen – that thingy that has an electromagnetic sensor base with a cordless pen.

I am still getting myself familiarized to using it extensively but for a start, I drew the girl you see in today’s comic using the iPen. Big thanks for the fabulous gift guys!

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