Monday, November 07, 2005

Visited Solan for Diwali

As promised yesterday, I just posted two new cartoons at CarryOnCoding. Go give 'em a look!

And yeah, I have also uploaded some pictures from my trip to Solan last week to celebrate Diwali with my parents. Now that’s something I hadn’t done ever since I started Bachelor’s mainly because:

0. It took around 30 hours to go home by train
1. The Diwali vacation at college never exceeded a couple of days
2. I was too sincere a student to bunk lectures, and
3. I used to spend my parents’ money too miserly to even think of taking a flight to travel home

Anyways, the trip home was fun. No food comes even close to home-food and it wouldn't be an under-statement if I said that I ate like a pig. One of my favorite past-times in hills is trekking, but I couldn’t do much of it this time. The other is driving and well I managed to do that a lot. Driving in hills is fun at any time of the day. The roads are mostly empty which allows you to drive at high speeds, and the views in mountains are simply beautiful.

I leave you with my favorite picture from my Diwali Photo set.

That was the view of the hill in front of my house on the evening of Diwali.

Click here to see my Diwali photoset.


drunk sans wine said...

hi sid,i was born and bred in solan and have never got over the ex-girlfriend is still there which makes the emotional connect all the more strong.thanks for the diwali a peep into good ol' currently doing my mba at mica(ahmedabad).

drunk sans wine said...

solan rocks!!!i love solan as much as i love my ex-girlfriend.i had my schooling at sunny hours and dav.are u a st. luke's product?

drunk sans wine said...

man!how i love trekking.i used to trek in karol,happy valley,patta ghat.and this may we drove to seru sulvar lake(kullu) from solan on bikes.also trekked but my 'stay at solan' friends were much home was in what is now adarsh vihar(opp. congress bhawan).how i love solan!!!damn that there are no ad agencies or brand consultancies there.where are you working?my mail id is lived in solan from oct. 12th 1983(the year of my birth) to dec. 17th,1997.

Sid said...

Yup, I am a St. Luke's product. Before that I studied at St. Mary's, Kasauli.

I had been to Karol once with my parents. We trekked for about 4-5 hours before we reached the top of that hill and saw the cave there. We started from Chambaghat, went up, and came down to Kandaghat around 7-8 hours later, near the water falls where we munched snacks at the dhaba located nearby. That was one of my best trekking experiences in Solan.

Heard of 'Phantom Hill'? I am not sure who gave it that name, but I guess the name came from the fact that the hill top looked a lot like a ghostly face. Me and my friends loved trekking up to that place too, mostly because it was near my house.

Yup, Solan is a beautiful place and I feel lucky that my parents still stay there!

Anonymous said...

yes i agree to it is the best hill station i know off!!!!

Devanshi- also a st. luke's product!