Sunday, October 09, 2005

Upster's Comics

I had been contemplating starting my own comic focussing on software development in Indian software companies. And guess what, I just made my first comic!

Some people tend to worship anything that they consider powerful and do not completely understand the behavior of. Since ancient times men and women have worshiped everything from snakes to tigers. So it is no surprise that some people even worship computers today and my first comic is my take on that.

Some of my comics would be on the things I see in my real life, but presented in a very highly distorted, exaggerated and twisted form. So it is better that you assume that these web comics are a work of fiction (from the mind of a geek – mind you), and bear little or no resemblance to anyone living or dead (like other stuff that grows in the minds of geeks).

Click here to view Upster's Comics.


Tanveer said...

Thanks for featuring me in your comics :-)


Sid said...

That's not you - you don't wear spects!

I wanted to show a person with around 30-35 years of age, and a bald head seemed to be thing that'd be most obvious to most people, and also the simplest for me to draw.