Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Out of the fish tank

A few weeks ago, I had posted a couple of pictures of my old desk in the office to my moblog. My desk was located inside a glass cabin which many people referred to as a fish-tank but I quite liked it. I shared the cabin with my boss and the fish-tank was our little world where we could freely discuss ideas without disturbing anyone with our noise.

The company has been expanding and today it has a lot more people than it did when I had joined. I knew the move was inevitable and it actually happened this Monday. I took some pictures of my new desk from my mobile and posted them to my moblog.


From the left (Alpha0 solving rubik)

From the right


Now my desk is adjacent to those of the other people in my team. So it is great to be able to just give a shout out to the person I need to ask something. And since the people I need to place calls to generally happen to have their desks close to mine, if I am feeling a little lazy to walk down to their desk, or feeling like being nice and not disturbing others, I can just call a person, stand up, and use hand gestures to explain him stuff!


Anonymous said...

Nice office dude but, looks a little cluttered.

Sid said...

I see that as an open and informal environment that just makes you want to get down and start cracking problems :)