Friday, October 14, 2005

IIPM Humiliation

Gaurav Sabnis, an IBM (now Lenovo) employee and a popular Indian blogger, linked to an article in a local magazine that IIPM didn't quite like, on his personal weblog. IIPM threatened to sue Gaurav and also called up a senior IBM executive and threatened to burn IBM laptops. To save his freedom of speech, and for IBM's well-being, Gaurav voluntarily resigned from IBM. Kiruba made this t-shirt in response:

Check out Gaurav's post and the article in the local magazine that Gaurav linked to.


Tanveer said...

That is shows IIPM in REAL bad light. Their actions speak worse about them than their the poor guy's blog or the magazine article.

Sid said...

True. I wouldn't probably have heard about this had IIPM chosen not to act as they actually did.