Thursday, October 06, 2005

Am I imagining stuff?

I happened to revisit PG's today and, well, it is a bit weird, but I think the laptop that the seated young guy had was an Apple Powerbook the last time around I saw it.

Am I imagining stuff, and need to go on a vacation (perhaps also buy a Powerbook before going) to the Himalayas, or do any of you have similar memories too?


Alpha0 said...

To me it looks like a toshiba one.
But the idea of going to Himalayas with a laptop isnt bad. Having ur latop with netconnection. but the problem would be recharging. I think laptop should also run with solar energy.
One more thing, dont take you mobile with you to Himalayas.

Tanveer said...

I request you stay till we complete this project before that Himalayan trip ;-)

Sid said...

Alpha0: I think (or so I imagine?) that the guy's laptop was the typical Powerbook gray, and with the oh-so-beautiful Apple logo on the back when I saw it earlier.

I agree there should be solar powered laptops, or they should atleast have hand-cranks to allow recharging :-)

Not taking my mobile is not an option, I guess. In fact I was thinking of using it to post pictures to my moblog while I wander in the Himalayas to seek out the meaning of life, universe and everything!

tanveer: Of course I will, the Himalayas can wait.