Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ojos - Screenshots

Munjal Shah has posted some screenshots of Ojos.

What is Ojos, you ask?
I am co-founding a company because I found I had 31,246 photos all named DSC0009.jpg.

said Munjal here. And that company is Ojos.

Ojos plans to offer free unlimited hosting of photos, with software to upload photos to the service. That might sound a lot like what Flickr or many other photo-hosting services offer. So what's cool about their service is that Ojos use image-recognition techniques for matching different photos of the same people.

They're in limited alpha yet and I haven't had an opportunity to use their software to see how good it actually is. But if the software is really as good as it appears to be from Munjal's blog, I am willing to bet they'd be acquired by a Google or Yahoo! as soon as they're at 1.0, if not earlier.

BTW, going by the Upload from My Hard Drive option in photo#2, I guess the image-recognition would happen at the server.

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