Monday, September 05, 2005

NITW Campus Placements

Last Thursday, I went to my alma mater - NIT Warangal to conduct campus interviews for my employer. I went with seven other people that included two people from HR.

We started at 6am in the morning in an air-conditioned mini Swaraj Mazda. Had the number of people been around five, we would have probably gone in a Qualis. The 250 km journey was quite eventless and we reached the university by 9:30am. We were greeted by the Training and Placement officer - Prof. I.A.K Reddy. We were supposed to start the pre-placement talk by 9:45am, so we had around 15 minutes to relax a bit.

Prof. Reddy hadn't recognized me when we shook hands, and it was only when he was reading out the names of the interview panel to all the students that he actually did. When he read Siddharth Uppal, Senior Member Technical at the dais, he looked up at the students, and then backwards towards me. He expressed surprise on how much I have changed since my days at the college. It was a pleasant feeling.

Well, the pre-placement talk was followed by a written test on the basis of which we short-listed 10 students. We divided ourselves into two panels of 4 each and decided to interview 5 students via each panel. We broke for lunch after interviewing one candidate as it was already 12:30pm by then. We continued interviewing after lunch and were done with all the interviews by 5:45pm in the evening.

We finally made offers to three students, one of whom was Anubhav Kaushal. I knew him when I was still in college and know for a fact that he always mentioned my employer as his dream company. It is good to know that he has been able to achieve that.

Interviewing fresh graduates was an interesting experience, but due to my lack of experience, I felt a little exhausted by the time my panel finished interviewing the third candidate. Many students were quite nervous because it was the first interview for them so we had to often put in some extra effort to make the candidate comfortable before we grilled him with questions.

Prof. Reddy met me around 3-4 times during the entire day, and kept saying how much I had changed from being a studious-looking and thin boy in those days. Well, I am not sure but this could all be because of the enormous quantity of coke I drink at office each day, and due to the fact that I never liked the mess food at college much!


Alpha0 said...

I didnt know that u were thin..
U have any photos of urs?

Sid said...

Ha ha, I was! I'll try and find some pictures.

Tanveer said...

I too was thin once upon a time, not too long ago :-)

Anonymous said...

Prof. IAK says the same thing to every one. Don't know if he really recognised you. He said the same to me ... Professional courtesy you see. Waiting for your snaps


Asha said...

Prof. IAK says the same thing to every one. Don't know if he really recognised you. He said the same to me ... Professional courtesy you see. Waiting for your snaps

Sid said...

@asha: You know what, you could be right. I'll see if I can find some pictures of myself from the old college days.

I'm sorry maybe I asked you about this before, but which year did you pass out of NITW? It's always good to come across an NITW alumni.

Ashok said...

hello every one..unlike u people iam not a student of iit or nit..but i wish to do my mtech in nitw..i want to know abt the placements for PG electronins..can u help me

Sid said...

@ashok: Have you had a look at this link?

Anonymous said...

hi sid,
I am a student of nitw and would like to know how i can revaluate my papers as my grades are low and not as expected. Awaiting ur reply.