Saturday, September 24, 2005

Making the new blog header image

The previous header image on this blog showed a person deeply involved in writing code on his computer unmindful of the fact that the clock showed 3am.

(Click to zoom)

However I wanted the header image on my blog to be clearer in conveying the happiness and blissfulness a hacker derives out of finishing his software.

I have found that I can better follow my thoughts, if I express them on a paper using a pen first. So I took a black sketch pen and drew the various possiblities I had in my head:

(Click to zoom)

The first possiblity was to have a person who appears to be excited looking at the monitor. The second one was a person who has his eyes closed and is laughing, while the third possibility was to use an emotion of anger or fear.

I realized that I wanted to use the second one and drew it in Gimp using a mouse. I discovered that the convolve effect is quite useful to give the lines a smooth appearence. The result as you can see is the new header image.

(Click to zoom)

I have been watching the late night screenings of Mr. Bean - the animated series on Pogo since the past couple of days. I quite like their style of animation and got inspired to use darker lines for outer edges and thinner lines for inner edges.

Do let me know what you think about the new header image! Suggestions are welcome too.


Alpha0 said...

bahut sahi hai yaar..
Why dont you start a comic stripe?
Trust me it is gonna be hit.

Sid said...


I do wish to start a comic strip someday. I guess I'll do it after a couple of years when I've met quite a few comical characters in my career as a software developer :)

Anyways, added start a comic strip to my 43things.

raster said...

It looks really good! (Though I'd like to see the edges be a bit more crisp.)

Sid said...

raster: Thanks, point taken! Will probabaly do that next weekend.

abhas1 said...

It's great!
and "raster" is right--crisp edges required!

Nice work though.

and please, if you have some time, visit my blog at:

PS:I'm from India too!

Sid said...



The right tools can make a great difference. Do you have any experience with graphics stuff?

abhas1 said...

yes, i am pretty good with photoshop.
is there any way i can help you out?
i'd be pleased!