Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mobile Blogging from Reliance phones

I have a Reliance mobile phone and I wanted to moblog, i.e. send pictures and text from my mobile phone to my blog. But Blogger Mobile is currently available only to the US customers of Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Well, I figured a way how even I can moblog which should probabaly work for anyone who has an MMS enabled mobile phone.

For posting to my moblog from my phone, all I need to do is -- click a picture from my mobile-phone (LG RD 6130), write some description, and send these as an MMS to a particular email address. In a few moments the picture and text appear on my moblog -

Here is how you can also do it. Don't worry it is quite simple! :)

Setting up...

  1. Create an account at Blogger, if you don't already have one.

  2. Create an account at Flickr, if you don't already have one.

  3. Set the default privacy level of your Flickr photos to private. (Why?) (Do it now)

  4. Enable uploading of photos to your Flickr account through email (Do it now).

  5. Enable automatic posting of photos from your Flickr account to your Blogger blog (Do it now).

    Flickr will provide you can an email address that you should send your pictures to for them to be posted directly to the blog that you have specified.

  6. Disable posting of email body to blog posts. (Why?) (Do it now)

Now to moblog, simply send the pictures by MMS from your mobile phone to the email address you are given in Step-4 above. However, if the length of that email address exceeds the maximum allowable length of an email address on your mobile phone, repeat Step-4 till you get an email address that fits.

Note: If you're not a Reliance subscriber, you may skip Steps 3 and 6 provided your service provider doesn't have the same problem as Reliance. On second thoughts though, Flickr could perhaps incorporate the feature of disabling the storage of email body as the description of the attached picture(s).

I hope you find this little write-up useful! Enjoy!

Update on 08/26/2005:
  • Flickr documentation describes the same procedure! Though it wasn't complex, it certainly was fun for me to set this up on my own.
  • Though I forgot to mention in the original post, in case you're interested, the maximum length an email address can have on my phone is 31.

Update on 08/29/2005:
  • Included the note on setting the default privacy level of Flickr photos to private.


Alpha0 said...

Does reliance allow sending mails from phone?
I doubt if AirTel does.


Sid said...

Yup, you can send MMS from some Reliance phones.