Friday, August 05, 2005


On Thursday 28th July 2005 at 08:25 GMT: Cisco, ISS file suit against rogue researcher

Networking giant Cisco and security company Internet Security Systems filed on Wednesday a restraining order against the management of the Black Hat Conference and a security expert who told conference attendees that attackers can broadly compromise Cisco routers.

The legal action followed a presentation by security researcher Michael Lynn, a former ISS employee, who brushed off threats of legal action and a broad effort to delete his presentation from conference materials to warn attendees that malicious programs could be run on Cisco routers.

On Wednesday 3rd August 2005 at 18:39 GMT: Cisco security flap leaves millions scrambling for help

The aftermath of a security breach involving Cisco's customer portal has left customers scrambling to get new passwords. Cisco reset passwords to Cisco Connection Online as a precaution following the discovery of a security bug in a search tool that could expose log-ins of registered users.

Link the two stories and you have a theory. Maan, some theories are just so emm.. interesting!

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