Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I found the following spam message in my Gmail inbox. No wonder it passed their spam filter, since it just looks so genuine, except from the fact that I am not Paul :-)

Paul, I've got what you are looking for

Hi, Paul, how are you going these days? It is tough to find what you are looking for; fortunately, I got them with help of my tutor's friend. I'll post them to you this weekend but you must treat me when I go to Boston next time.
Do you remember yamamoto? The pretty designer from Tokyo, who accompany me to your place last year, I saw a few Chinese handicrafts, embroideries in her place a couple of days ago, which she bought occasionally in China at the time of traveling. These fantastic embroideries attracted me immediately. They are too beautiful to describe in words. I ordered embroidery 'Cat' on the Internet under highly recommends by yamamoto. It looks so incredible and vivid that I believe embroidery is the top grade collection and decoration.
Are you planning to add some East elements to your designs? I think these embroideries are the best choices.
This is the website I ordered embroideries: http://[DING-DING].htm You may see if anything you can use. The price of embroideries is higher; it seems not made in China but France.

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