Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Productivity: Time-It!

Joel Spolsky mentioned that they issue a digital stopwatch to everyone at Fog Creek Software.

Standard issue for all new employees here includes a copy of Code Complete and a digital stopwatch (gotta make things fast).

I thought that might be fun. So I wrote a quick and simple application (so simple that even the screenshot weighs more than the application zipped) that allows you to specify the task you're working on and runs a digital clock kind-of thingie in front of you.

It might be useful as well as fun to challenge yourself to compete and see how much time it takes for you to implement a new feature, fix a bug, or do an otherwise monotonous task. Enjoy!

Download it here. Requires .NET 1.1 or later.


Aarthi said...

I remember writing an alarm clock because I'd lost my mobile phone ( I use the alarm feature in the mobile phone) and kept my laptop close to me to wake me up.
It was pretty similar to this one except that it played any audio I'd picked and placed previusly (used a WMP dll). Good fun!


PS: Why do you allow comments only by those with a Blogger id?

Sid said...

What I did is more of a stop-watch thingie but your alarm clock surely sounds interesting!

I disallowed comments by anonymous users a long time ago to reduce comment spam.

What laptop do you have BTW?

Aarthi said...

Mine's an R51 IBM Thinkpad, running Win Xp Prof..