Sunday, July 17, 2005

IndianRailways Online Reservation

Countless popups, and a couple of minutes later:

Facility Not Avbl due to Network Connectivity Failure.

Please Try Later

More popus, and a couple of more minutes later:

Following ERROR was encountered in your Query Processing

RTR journal file full - use MODIFY JOURNAL to increase size

Please Try Again

Argh! is a useful website, but the way it's been done kind-of, ahem, sucks!

OK I just had to search Google with the the second error above because it seemed a little peculiar and well, it appears that the error occurred in something running on OpenVMS.

What is OpenVMS?
Wikipedia has the answer:

The OpenVMS (Virtual Memory System) operating system (OS) is a multi-user, multiprocessing OS that was designed by Digital Equipment Corporation of Maynard, Massachusetts (subsequently owned by Compaq and now owned by Hewlett-Packard) for use in time sharing, batch processing, and transaction processing. In the beginning commonly referred to as just VMS, it originally ran on VAX systems, and was later ported to the DEC Alpha and Intel Itanium.

Anyways here goes the explanation for the error I got:

The RTR journal file is becoming full. Either reduce the number and size of concurrently active transactions or increase the size of the journal file using MODIFY JOURNAL /MAXIMUM_BLOCKS


Anonymous said...

Rather than just spouting off rubbish, you should of took the time to check your facts properly.

If you had used tool like IDServer, or even examined the webservers headers, you would see the website is in fact running UNIX, HPUX.

Server: Apache/2.0.53 HP-UX_Apache-based_Web_Server (Unix) DAV/2

VMS sits at the back end, and the problem was with the snake oil UNIX web server NOT VMS.

Sid said...

My points in the article were that:

1. though a useful website has severe performance and usability problems at present.

2. The error I got seemed to indicate that the error occurred in something running on VMS. Netcraft tells me that the website is running Apache on HP-UX so it isn't rocket science to say that the error must have occurred in their back-end running on VMS (as you pointed out too). Since I don't have an answer for What was the root cause of the error?, I can't logically agree with you on that the problem was with the snake oil UNIX web server NOT VMS.

Dev said...

I just bumped into this blog after searching for Indian Railways.
Hats off to Anonynous for crapping idiotic stuff. He doesnt seem to know the diff between an O/S and a webserver. If this troll had time to diff between Apache the Web Svr and UX the OS, I wouldnt have minded.