Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hack: Simple TODOs Tracker

I hacked a very simple TODOs tracker in C#.

You can use this Tracker to maintain a list of items that you need to work on, and just tick them off when you've finished doing them.

You can click on Hide to minimize the application to an icon on the tray in the Windows Explorer, and double-click the icon anytime to bring the application up again.

Nothing stellar, but something useful! Download the app.

I wrote it on .NET 1.0 but it should work unchanged on .NET 1.1 and later. However, do let me know if you encounter any issues while using the TODOs Tracker.


bytehead said...

Sorry, This File Is Unavailable
The author has recently updated this file, and the Programmers Heaven staff needs to validate it.

The file should be back online within the next couple of days.


Sid said...

I am sorry! Every file uploaded at ProgrammersHeaven.com needs to be approved by the webmaster before it is made available online. And sometimes this might even take a week :(

Well, here's why you don't have to wait anymore:

Now, I have uploaded the TODOs Tracker at walagata.com. And in the process, I have also added a couple of new features to the TODOs Tracker. The interface is still simple and easy to use. I hope you'll like it.

Check related post on my blog and/or download v1.1 of TODOs Tracker from Walagata.com.