Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Geeksta Rap

Geeksta/Nerdcore rap is a unique form of hip-hop for and by nerds. Check out Monzy and MC Plus+. I loved the following paragraph from Monzy's track:

My flow is so intense that I will overflow your buffer,
Corrupt your stack pointer makin' all your data suffer.
I've got saturated edges but your flow is sparser,
Real gangstas sip on Yacc; instead you generate a parser.
While you're busy poppin' stacks I'll pop a cap in your skull,
While you smoke your crack pipe I'm gonna pipe you to /dev/null.
I may not have a label but I rap like a star;
I'm an unsigned long int and you're an 8-bit char.

(Full lyrics)

Ha ha. Great stuff!

Listen and decide for yourself, who's greater of the two - Monzy or MC Plus+?



Abhimanyu said...

hahaha...good stuff.

Haven't decided who's better...will figure whose songs i like more and tell you soon...


pchoate said...

sounds like Weird Al's It's All About the Pentium...

Anonymous said...

MCPlus+ is a little more secular. Check out Blunt Code:
"I got mad hos and got mad bitches
I'm coding in C and I branch with switches,
Java programming and C++,
I program high, homie,
pass the dutch!"