Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dual GSM Sim Card Enablers

There are dual SIM card enablers for sale at for Nokia 3315, 6610, 7210, etc for around 480 INR each.


Abhimanyu said...

Cool offer!...but i guess it will be more useful for people who travel quite a lot!!

Sid said...

I had heard earlier such a hack existed but only became sure after seeing it selling at!

But I wonder how good such a hack is. For instance, what would be the behavior if you get a call on one of the SIM cards while you're in a call on the other one?

Alpha0 said...

You need to switch OFF and ON you mobile to switch between sim cards.
Thats the catch.

Alpha0 said...

Like you, I was expecting mobile to switch on on two sim cards.

Sid said...

>You need to switch OFF and ON you
>mobile to switch between sim
>cards. Thats the catch.

If that's true, then you might as well carry N SIM cards and insert the one you want to use into your GSM mobile.