Friday, May 20, 2005

How genuine?

This post over at dotNET User Group Hyd caught my eye:

Dear friends,

I am a final year engineering student from India. As my final year project I have developed an e-banking solution using .net under the Microsoft Student Project Program. Unfortunately a disk crash occurred and I have lost my project that was stored on the disk. The last date for the project is less than a week. I have tried all the recovery software but of no use.

I have a nice academic background of above 80% up to now. I request you to help me complete my project and submit the code. I know that it is difficult to help an unknown individual but this is a sincere request from a genuine student. Please send me the project such that I can complete my degree. I will contact you after submitting my project and will have a detailed discussion. For now please help a genuine student.

Waiting for a reply that can clear my troubles,

With Regards,

A crazy dotnet student
(Sorry for hiding my credentials
After submitting the code I will contact you)

I have serious doubts with regards to the genuineness. Or it might be the case that I am just being paranoid. How genuine does the story look to you?

Either ways, the truth is that quite a few students actually end up doing their projects in the last week before the deadline for submission.

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bheema v said...

Not very genuine.

Any way, a week is a lot of time.