Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cloud of Books

Some days ago I had described how I had generated a list of the most popular books and movies among the people who are at a maximum distance of 2 from me on Google's social-networking website - Orkut. Well, I just hacked a Perl script to generate the following cloud containing the names of the most popular books.

The cloud contains sorted names of the books, and names of the more popular books appear larger than others. Each of the names in the cloud is a link and when clicked would start an Amazon keyword search for that book.

Cloud of Movies

While, we are at it, here is a cloud of the movies that are most popular among the same set of people at Orkut.

I feel that it would be great to have such a feature at Orkut itself. What do you think?

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Steven A Bristol said...

Would you send me an invite to join orkut?