Thursday, April 14, 2005

Is Love a Transitive Relation?

Love is not a transitive relation. Assume that you love a girl, who loves her dad. That doesn't necessarily mean that you love the girl's dad.

I heard this humorous and insightful explanation from the guru of OPMS – George Sagman Chandy, or Sag as his friends fondly call him.

I had heard my boss praise Chandy a lot but I actually got a chance to meet him today -- thanks to my boss who was kind enough to invite me for dinner with him and Chandy.

Born in 1938, Sag is a living legend. He has lived a life quite like that of the character named Santiago in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I got to hear him talk about his journey from the period in his life when he spent four years in the Himalayas to find himself, to the current day when he evangelizes a highly effective and interactive technique for system design called One Page Management System (OPMS) that he has invented.

I felt very inspired by Sag’s perseverance in life. In my next meeting with him, I am going to try and convince him to write his autobiography. I am sure it would be really useful to go through it whenever I am feeling down.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful and unforgettable dinner today.

You can find more details about OPMS here.


Abhimanyu said...

Interesting!!...will have to go through the documents completely to give a more elaborate comment!! :P

Alpha0 said...

Man! Write more about his stories.

Sid said...

I would love if Chandy writes a book about all his experiences. I am sure the book would be very interesting to read.