Friday, April 01, 2005

Bill for Rs.0

The Letter

Here is a scanned image of the bill a friend of mine in Mumbai received from a very popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) in India. The bill is for Rs.0 and they are threatening him with disconnection of service if the dues are not cleared soon.

This reminded me of a classic text-book example that I had read somewhere in my course on Computer Programming in first year. It looks like a round-off issue to me.

While it is surprising that one of the biggest ISPs in India has an issue like this, what is even more surprising is that someone actually signed the letter!

Any guesses as to who the ISP is?


Alpha0 said...


Cant help laughing.

I wonder how round off can go that far. May be the signatures are auto generated.

Sid said...

That could happen, you know, if the bill that was due was a very small amount which the program that generated the bill rounded off to zero.