Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yahoo Image Search Wallpaper

Yesterday, I wrote a Perl script that used YWS and queried Yahoo Image Web Service for the specified keyword and generated a collage from the thumbnail images in the search results.

Today, I hacked on that script, queried YWS on a set of keywords, and generated a wallpaper from the collage.

You can download the wallpaper, by clicking on the image above. The wallpaper contains image search results for the following keywords:

* face
* tree
* giraffe
* lion
* zibra
* flowers
* red flower
* yello flower
* sky
* ice
* fire

Isn't it beautiful?


Abhimanyu said...

That's innovative!!!

Is it possible to make them Thumbnails, so that we can see the full pic by clicking on each pic in the collage?

Sid said...


I knew of people doing similar things on Flickr before I did this. But I like to build my own toys and play with them! :-) Now that we have Yahoo Web Services I am sure, many more exciting applications will be written.

This wallpaper is a JPEG image. I can modify the Perl script I wrote yesterday so that it links each thumbnail image in the collage to the corresponding original image.

Actually, if you know Perl, you can do that yourself because I've made the source available.

raster said...

Very cool! I'll be digging through the code, thanks for making it available.

Sid said...

You're welcome! I hope you find my code useful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!