Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What is Power?

Mechanical power is the amount of work done per unit of time. Power can be modeled as an energy flow, equivalent to the rate of change of the energy in a system, or the time rate of doing work.

Instantaneous electrical power is defined as the product of the potential difference across a component, and the current flowing through it. If the component is a resistor, then it can be defined as the square of the current flowing through the resistor, multiplied by the resistance.

In optics, the term power is defined as the ability of a lens or other optical device to focus light.


Why am I defining Power all of sudden? Well, in a very abstract sense this explains why powerful nations, powerful persons, and powerful programming platforms, are what they are!


Abhimanyu said...

Why did "Power" leap to your mind, all of a sudden??

Alpha0 said...

The power in software industry can be definied as "Change of code" divided by time to make that change.

Abhi, Now do you understand why "power" came to his mind.