Thursday, March 24, 2005

Transparent Wallpaper

I must remember and find my digital camera, that should be somewhere in all the clutter in my home, and try my hand at building a transparent wallpaper.


the_cute_master... said...

hi! i would just like to ask a question... is there really a transparent wallpaper 'coz i will download one (if there is)... thank you...

Sid said...

You basically take a picture of the background of your monitor using a digital camera and set that picture as a wallpaper.

After setting the picture as a wallpaper you should take another picture using your digital camera such that the objects in the wallpaper are properly aligned with the background.

Challenges are to get the colors, brightness/contrast, and alignment right.

Send me a link if you manage to build such a "transparent" wallpaper of your own.