Sunday, March 27, 2005

Jesusonic SKULR

Justin Frankel has an update on the new Jesusonic model -- Jesusonic SKULR (name pending) in development. I guess SKULR got its name from the fact that it is supposed to be the secular alternative to Jesusonic CrusFX. CrusFX was the first model of Jesusonic and is in the shape of a cross. That's how, I guess, Jesusonic got its name to start with.

Jesusonic is a fully programmable effects processor for guitar, bass, vocal and general use. It is designed to offer all of the flexibility of a general purpose computer for its effects, without the traditional computer side effects (moving parts, lengthy boot times, questionable stability for live performances, added latency). The Jesusonic software would be available on Windows XP and Linux by the end of this year.

Justin would be using CrusFX during his band's second show happening in SF in May.

Justin Frankel was the guy behind WINAMP and WINAMP played a very significant role during my four years at Warangal.

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