Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Simputer on Battlefield

Just had a look at Encore's Saathi - an integrated battle computer. Its guts consist of an ARM based RISC processor, 128MBs of RAM, 96MBs of Flash, a 3.5 inches Color touch screen, integrated GPS and Radio.

The available battlefield software contains a customized GIS and a battlefield application. Non battlefield applications include an Internet Browser, Email client, MP3 player, etc. and also Games (?).

a "smart" soldier can know where he is, navigate unknown terrain, distinguish friend from foe and interact with command centers with secure encrypted messages.
From here.

Apparently it is the first military project that has been done by a non-government agency in India (most happen to be done by DRDO) and also is the first project to go from conception to production under 2 years.

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