Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ruby on Rails

Lately there's been a lot of hype about Ruby on Rails and I had been wanting to have a look at it for sometime now. There was a presentation by Avik Sengupta at Linux Bangalore 2004 entitled "Creating dynamic web applications using Rails" but I couldn't attend it. So, looking back I feel I've been lazy to have a look at Rails though it has been on my radar for like two months now. Nah, actually I was looking for an article that didn't assume any familiarity with Ruby and perhaps didn't look hard enough. Well, don't ask me how long Ruby has been on my radar! So, I guess I should accept that I've been quite lazy lately... Damn!

Rails is an open-source web framework that claims to be able to get you writing complex web applications with comparatively little code. I came across an article at entitled "Rolling with Ruby on Rails" and the article doesn't assume any familiarity with Ruby or Rails. Bingo! I'll read the article over the coming weekend... (rm -rf me/lazy-geek)

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