Thursday, February 10, 2005

Professor Blogs

Discovered Professor Sadagopan's Blog. He is the founding director of IIIT Bangalore and one of the few people who seem to have an insight into what IT is all about, and also have the wonderful ability to inspire you with it. I had the opportunity to hear him in one of the guest lectures while I was doing my B.Tech. at Warangal.

Professor Sadagopan is an educator, educational administrator, researcher, consultant and an outstanding communicator, all rolled into one.

Professor Sadagopan writes frequently on several aspects of IT in the columns of India’s leading newspapers - Times of India and Economic Times and IT magazines - Computers Today, Dataquest and CIO India Magazine.
I guess that I'm going to enjoy reading Professor Sadagopan's thoughts on his blog.

I wish someone could make Professor V. Rama Rao at NIT Warangal to also take to blogging. He used to be the head of the Computer Science Department in those days. I guess it would be nice to read his thoughts on Computer Science, brain, society, brain, money, brain, distribution of wealth, brain, and oh yeah... brain, etc. on his weblog.

I would love to know of more blogs of professors and lecturers who have taught me. If you were my classmate, leave a comment if you know any! Thanks.

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