Friday, February 04, 2005

God, OOPs and UNIX

A mail like the following was sent by someone to a discussion group that I'm in. Quite insightful, I must say ;-)

I believe that God is nothing but an object which human beings are supposed to be afraid of so that they do not commit any actions against humanity. Unfortunately people aren't afraid of that object anymore.

Speaking of objects, I also believe that object oriented technology supports the human nature.

I feel that the UNIX concept of a parent-child relationship between processes is very contradictory to real life. For example, a parent waits for a child's death. When a parent dies, its child is adopted by another powerful parent (init process).
The weirdest part is that there's no s[BLEEP] needed to create a child and each child has only one parent!

I don't know what to say. Funny! BTW the [BLEEP] was mine and the discussion group is supposed to be used for technical discussions.

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Alpha0 said...

I like the comparison with Unix.
Had god been intelligent enough he could have removed chaos by creating a system like unix.
One cant kill children of others. One cant intrude into other's home without his permission.
But weird part is a person can kill his/her children.