Monday, December 27, 2004

Watched Two Geek Movies

I watched two movies the past weekend - The Pirates of Silicon Valley and Track Down. Fun-tastic movies, both of 'em!

Bill Gates

I mostly knew all of what was shown in the Pirates of Silicon Valley. While reading the book Hackers and Painters, by Paul Graham, I had wondered if the mug shot of Bill Gates shown in the book was of the "real" Bill Gates. Considering what was shown in the movie, it appears that he was actually arrested for speeding and driving without a license, by the Albuquerque police department in 1977.

I wanted to watch this movie since a long long time. I was curious to know why the movie was named "The Pirates of Silicon Valley", and now I know the answer.

I also watched Track Down, which is a movie about the arrest of the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick by Shimomura and the FBI. I found the story quite gripping, and particularly liked the ending sequences. The sequence that showed Mitnick and Shimomura typing on their laptops was awesome. I liked the movie a lot and am thinking of watching it again!

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