Friday, December 10, 2004

Time for some BRPG? Blog Role Playing Game!

You must have played Role Playing Games (RPGs) in the past. How about playing one on your blog? You could, for example, choose your favorite character from a movie and play that character on your blog.

Check out the blogs of the characters of the Bollywood movie Sholay at LJ. Basanti's mare named Dhanno is pregnant, so you could drop-by to her blog and wish good luck, or give some marketing advice to Lion. Thakur is blogging too, but I wonder how, because he had no hands!

Apparently, Veeru works for TCS now. Remember the scene from Sholay, where Jai goes over to Mausi to get her to agree for Basanti's marriage with Veeru? Well, check their version of Jai's conversation with Mausi out!

Jai: Mausi ladka TCS main kaam karta hai..
Mausi: Hai ram..

Full conversation here!

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