Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Blog Stats

I was just looking at the search queries people are using and reaching my blog, and I found that, interestingly, some people have been hitting my blog while searching the web for gmail invitations! Almost 40% of the people who view my blog do not use Internet Explorer and almost 30% do not use Windows. Almost 45% of the people who visit my blog do not use Google. I dare not extrapolate and make universal assertions based on the above, because all the visits are the result of the kind of content I post here. But it would be interesting to see how the profile of the people who visit my blog changes over time in response to my posts.


bheema v said...

If I stop visiting your page directly and ditto for zimbabao, and instead use google, I think the 55% google referal rate would go up.

Sid said...

That is why I think it would be illogical to extrapolate till the visitor count reaches a certain threshold value.