Sunday, September 19, 2004

RoboSapien for my Robo-Terrarium

Meet RoboSapien. He speaks the international caveman speech fluently. Interestingly, his left and right hands are different. The left one is for lifting and holding thin objects, while the right one is for bulky objects. RoboSapien is fully programmable by remote control to have reflexes to sound and touch stimuli. His pre-programmed functions include: pick-up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, fart, belch, rap and more. I want to hear him rap in caveman speech!

Here's a sample of how you can use RoboSapien as a guard, and here's how you can program him to fight another RoboSapien ninja style.

The FAQ has some interesting questions and answers:

How can I make Robosapien quieter?
- Cover the speaker grill on his back with tape.

During wake-up, I hear Robosapien making strange humming sounds. Is this something to worry about?
- No, it is part of the normal wake-up protocol.

Is there a way to make Robosapien remember his programming?
- No, but in SLEEP mode he will remember his programming for up to 2 hours before he completely turns himself off and forgets everything. In SLEEP mode, he will ignore all touch sensors until you wake him up with your remote control.

Robosapien's head has turned to the right; I have not been able to re-center it. Do you have any suggestions for repair?
- Lower his arms and twist his head all the way to the left, until you hear a "click".

These guys made RoboSapien autonomous (by programming in embedded Visual C++) by replacing its head with a Pocket PC equipped with a camera and communicating to the robot via an Infrared port.

Wow! The robot will now be able to fight, even after its head is chopped off by another robot during a fight :-)

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