Friday, September 03, 2004

CodeJockey - A Practitioner of Live Coding!

LiveCoding is the act of programming under real-time constraints, for an audience, as an artistic entertainment.

I enjoyed a little taste of it when I demo'ed the writing of some components of a web-application in Visual Studio.NET using VJ#, in front of an audience of about 50 colleagues, during my internship at Microsoft. Fixing the errors as I went along coding in front of the people, made the exercise very interesting.

But live coding is much more than that. Live coding is the activity of writing (parts of) a program while it runs. Check out that is a text-editor that has two threads, one runs the text-editor and the other runs the code that is being edited in the text-editor. When Ctrl-X is pressed, the code written re-parses itself, leaving the values of all variables intact. Now, imagine a DJ in a night-club, composing music in front of a live audience in the dance hall by writing code in Perl using That is what LiveCoding is all about!

I think, dealing with parsing and runtime errors in a graceful fashion is the primary issue in LiveCoding systems.

Visit TOPLAP to know more about LiveCoding. TOPLAP is short for: Temporary|Transnational|Terrestrial) Organisation for the (Promotion|Proliferation|Permanence) of Live (Algorithm|Audio|Art|Artistic) Programming.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea!

Abhimanyu said...

"this article hopes to encourage more Perl hackers to turn their tools to music"

Well, all the best!!

Sid said...

Well, Thanks! It sure is cool!