Sunday, July 11, 2004

Wish No. 1 - An Amida 4200

Starting today, I will blog about my wishes... things I wish to buy soon, or some day further into the future...

To start off, well, I want an Amida Simputer 4200 with a build-in Internet Browser, MP3 Music Player, Smart Card support, etc. I would use Amida Alchemy for development.

Here's a nice article on the Simputer from the Linux Gazette.

I have been wanting to program hand-held computing devices since a long, long time!


bheema v said...

Finally a decent simputer

Sid said...

I was just comparing the specs of Amida Simputer with an Applie iPod and was wondering how could Apple manage to pack such a large amount of storage, of the order of GBs into such a small amount of space.

Price of an Apple iPod 40 GB ~ $400
Price of an Amida Simputer 64MB RAM + 32MB USB FLASH - $480

But then, an Amida is programmable and (can thus be) much, much more than a mere MP3 player!

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the new IPOD that i just bought

its a 15gigs masterpiece with awesome looks and great music !!!,
the only problem that i face with it is that i do not have enough songs to feed into it