Thursday, July 15, 2004

Predictions on Google's Point-of-Convergence, GMessenger

People are predicting what is coming out next from Google. Google Labs has some beta products available for download.

Google owns Gmail, GoogleGroups, GoogleSearch, Orkut, Blogger, etc. While Yahoo and other competing entities have a point of convergence, like, Google does not. There is no one place which a user can access to know about all the services offered by Google, and access them. This isn't a problem now, but as Google acquires/develops more services in the future, this would be a problem.

Now, if Google was to go and change the home-page of to include links to Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, etc, Google will loose the most attractive feature of -- its lean interface, which everyone is so accustomed to. People love Google changing the logo of Google with the seasons, but most will hate links to Blogger, Orkut placed on the page.

Hence, Google will need a point of convergence, and I feel a viable option is to integrate and make all of Google's services accessible through a client software. Perhaps they could come out with something like Yahoo Messsenger (or AOL IM or anything else for that matter), and make all their services accessible through the client software.

Here is what I think would be (should be) part of the client software, let's call it GMessenger:

1. Integrated with for blogging.
2. Integrated with
3. Integrated with
4. Integrated with Google Groups.
5. Integrated Google Search ala Google Deskbar. The client will be configurable to use the search engines of other websites.
6. Built in RSS/Atom reader
7. Google AdSense always running to display ads relevant to what you're chatting about.
8. Integrated Thesaures/Glossary search.

Here's a guy blogging about what he thinks GMessenger should be.
Here is a hypothetical screenshot of GMessenger.

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bheema v said...

And you forgot something. Google rescued pretty much of the Usenet Legacy.