Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I just created a Workspace for EtherYatri.NET at GotDotNet. I am currently looking for people to join the project.

EtherYatri.NET is a developer toolkit for building mobile agents on the Microsoft .NET Platform. It is the first toolkit in the world that blends the power and versatility of the Microsoft .NET Platform with the flexibility of the mobile agent paradigm. EtherYatri.NET makes it possible to write distributed applications on .NET that outperform those based on client-server technologies, like XML Web-Services and .NET Remoting. Thus, EtherYatri.NET makes the .NET Platform richer with regards to the technologies available on it for the development of distributed applications. EtherYatri.NET offers what no other mobile agent toolkit has ever before – the capability to write mobile agents in the language of your choice. By integrating with the award winning IDE Visual Studio.NET, EtherYatri.NET presents unprecedented ease in writing mobile agent based distributed applications.

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